A little appreciation makes the world go round


My week has got off to a great start, with two little notes from clients: 

“I want to say thank you for saving us. We took on your suggestions and will publish the first article later this week.” 


“This is fantastic! It makes such a difference when using a more engaging tone in such a communication.” 

One of the many rewarding things about working with clients is the lovely feedback I receive. It never ceases to amaze me when I hear about negative bosses who completely ignore the 99 things done well and focus on the 1 tiny thing that could be improved.

Most of us who take a pride in our work are so easy to motivate. A sincere ‘thank you’ or ‘job well done’ is a great motivator. I know I’m on cloud 9 and energised for the rest of the day – or even the week!

 So, who could you thank today?


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