5 winning ways to write an award entry

I’ve just heard that my client IRIS Software Group has been shortlisted in this year’s Cloud World Series awards for its solutions for accountants working ‘in the cloud’, which I helped to write. Good luck IRIS!

As several clients in different industries have recently asked for my help in preparing an entry for their specific industry award recently, I’d like to share my 5 tops tips…

  1. Keep it focused: Constantly refer back to the criteria to ensure you give the judges exactly what they want
  2. Keep it factual: Rather than making vague claims, supply hard evidence
  3. Keep it credible: Get your customers and partners to endorse what you say – otherwise, why would the judges take your word for it?
  4. Keep to the wordcount: Judges do notice if you go over! Give enthusiastic colleagues a strict wordcount and ask them to highlight what is and what isn’t a ‘must include’ in their contribution
  5. Keep it clear: Don’t make any assumptions – avoid jargon, product names and technology references that the judges may never have heard of

    Your award entry can shine!
    Your award entry can shine!

Contact me for help with copywriting a (hopefully) successful award entry.

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